The Executive Leadership Institute’s CxO Research Center is chartered to provides in-depth research, Studies and analytics services at the C Suit and leadership level of organizations and enterprises. Our focus is to assist decision makers to make the right and timely strategic and tactical decisions through industry and sector in-depth researches and studies.

Our mission to positively contribute toward expanding the leadership capacity of organizations by undertaking a series of carefully chosen research initiatives. Our focus is to identify and address gaps in knowledge in the area of leadership development and the understanding of leadership capacity across different domain and disciplines.

  • Identify leadership behaviors, roles, practices and designs that improve organizational performance.
  • Examine the professional development of executive leaders and the ways in which it can improve their ability to promote positive organizational change.
  • Examine the beliefs, cultural changes, and teaching and learning strategies required to promote high achievement.
  • Contribute new research and identify best practices that inform local, national and international efforts for organizational performance improvement.
  • Use theory-driven approaches to develop viable, pragmatic solutions to organizational leadership challenges.
  • Conduct small and large-scale program evaluation.
  • Discover and analyses of the past, cureent, emerging, and future industry trends in Technologies, Governance, Strategies, etc. 



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