1. The Code of Professional Ethics contained herein shall be considered to be principles of ethics. These principles are intended to aid members individually and collectively in maintaining a high level of professional conduct.

  2. The Professional Ethics Committee will build documentation of opinion (interpretive briefs or ramifications of intent) relating to specific ethical statements enumerated herein.

  3. Opinions may be generated in response to specific cases brought before the Professional Ethics Committee.

  4. Amplification and/or clarification of the ethical principles may be generated by the Professional Ethics Committee in response to a request submitted by a member.

  5. Persons with concerns about ethical matters involving members of Executive Leadership Institute should contact the compliance office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Section 1—Commitment to the Individual

In fulfilling obligations to the individual, the member:

  1. Must adherer to Institute’s Code of Professional Ethics

  2. Shall encourage independent action in an individual's pursuit of learning and shall provide access to varying points of view.

  3. Shall protect the individual rights of access to materials of varying points of view.

  4. Shall guarantee to each individual the opportunity to participate in any appropriate program.

  5. Shall conduct professional business so as to protect the privacy and maintain the personal integrity of the individual.

  6. Shall follow sound professional procedures for evaluation and selection of materials, equipment, and furniture/carts used to create educational work areas.

  7. Shall make reasonable efforts to protect the individual from conditions harmful to health and safety, including harmful conditions caused by technology itself.

  8. Shall promote current and sound professional practices in the use of best practices.

  9. Shall in the design and selection of any educational program or media seek to avoid content that reinforces or promotes gender, ethnic, racial, or religious stereotypes. Shall seek to encourage the development of programs and media that emphasize the diversity of our society as a multicultural community.

  10. Shall refrain from any behavior that would be judged to be discriminatory, harassing, insensitive, or offensive and, thus, is in conflict with valuing and promoting each individual's integrity, rights, and opportunity within a diverse profession and society.

Section 2 - Commitment to Society

In fulfilling obligations to society, the member:

  1. Shall honestly represent the institution or organization with which that person is affiliated, and shall take adequate precautions to distinguish between personal and institutional or organizational views.

  2. Shall represent accurately and truthfully the facts concerning educational matters in direct and indirect public expressions.

  3. Shall not use institutional or Associational privileges for private gain.

  4. Shall accept no gratuities, gifts, or favors that might impair or appear to impair professional judgment, or offer any favor, service, or thing of value to obtain special advantage.

  5. Shall engage in fair and equitable practices with those rendering service to the profession.

  6. Shall promote positive and minimize negative environmental impacts of educational technologies.

Section 3 - Commitment to the Profession

In fulfilling obligations to society, the member:

  1. Shall accord just and equitable treatment to all members of the profession in terms of professional rights and responsibilities, including being actively committed to providing opportunities for culturally and intellectually diverse points of view in publications and conferences.

  2. Shall not use coercive means or promise special treatment in order to influence professional decisions of colleagues.

  3. Shall avoid commercial exploitation of the person's membership in the Institute.

  4. Shall strive continually to improve professional knowledge and skill and to make available to patrons and colleagues the benefit of that person's professional attainments.

  5. Shall present honestly personal professional qualifications and the professional qualifications and evaluations of colleagues, including giving accurate credit to those whose work and ideas are associated with publishing in any form

  6. Shall conduct professional business through proper channels.

  7. Shall delegate assigned tasks to qualified personnel. Qualified personnel are those who have appropriate training or credentials and/or who can demonstrate competency in performing the task.

  8. Shall inform users of the stipulations and interpretations of the copyright law and other laws affecting the profession and encourage compliance.

  9. Shall observe all laws relating to or affecting the profession; shall report, without hesitation, illegal or unethical conduct of fellow members of the profession to the ELI Professional Ethics Committee; shall participate in professional inquiry when requested by the Institute.

  10. Shall conduct research using professionally accepted guidelines and procedures, especially as they apply to protecting participants from harm.


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