I hereby grant to the Executive Leadership Institute ("ELI") a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, distribute or sell in any medium and to create derivative works from presentations in which I participate in as a speaker or as a moderator at any of ELI events, venues, webinars, seminars, meetings, events, outings and etc. (the "Event"), including written, audio or visual material distributed or displayed during the presentations (collectively, the "Work"). Such use, distribution, and creation may include audiotapes, videotapes, web broadcasting, live simulcast, printed materials, and electronic/digital/computer media and other media. The Work may be edited as reasonably deemed necessary by ELI in order to render suitable for use or sale, and I forever waive any and all rights to royalties that may arise as a result of my participation. On behalf of myself, my heirs successors, and assigns, I hereby release any and all claims against ELI which may arise directly or indirectly from the exercise of the license granted hereunder.

In consideration for the above, ELI agrees to acknowledge my contribution to the Work in whatever form ELI uses, distributes, or creates for the Work.

I warrant the following:

  • That I hold all rights to this Work, unless I created the Work in my role as an employee of the Federal government. I warrant my presentation is original and that I am the sole author or co-author and owner or co-owner of the presentation and have full power to make this declaration; and no agreement to publish is now outstanding; that it contains no matter libelous or otherwise unlawful or which invades individual privacy or which infringes any proprietary right at common law or any statutory copyright; that I will hold harmless and indemnify ELI, its licensees and distributes, or any of them, against any and all suits, claims, demands, or recoveries, including damages, costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees, which may be made, taken, or incurred at any time by or against ELI, its licensees and distributes, or any of them, which are based upon any of the following allegations: plagiarism, invasion of privacy, violation of proprietary right or copyright, libelous or injurious matter contained in said presentation.
  • That I have obtained all necessary clearances, have cited all sources and /or included all necessary acknowledgements. I warrant that where I am using a previously published figure, table or text excerpt, I obtained written permission to reproduce it from the copyright holder, and I have acknowledged the original source in the caption for a figure or as a footnote to a table or text excerpt.
  • ELI reserves all rights to determine if/when my material as a speaker/moderator will be presented. In the event that ELI shall commence any suit or action to interpret or enforce the agreements under this Authorization, I agree to reimburse ELI for its costs and expenses incurred in connection with such suit or action, including attorney fees and costs.

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