The Executive Leadership Institute is a premier executive exclusive membership organization and business forum. The goal of the Institute is to connect members, advance the careers of the next generation leadership & executives, providing opportunities for strategic relationship development, access to intellectual exchange & world class speakers, and enhanced exposure to the broader business community.

Through our signature series programs, committees, and networking events, we bring together business, civic and academic leaders from all industries to discuss issues and opportunities affecting business in our chapters in United States and the world.


The vision of the Executive Leadership Institute is to provide an executive forum that promotes ethical, innovative, technological and responsible mindset for the leaders who contribute positively to their local and global communities.


We realize that having a Vision is important however a vision can only be sustained if the leadership is committed to core values within the Institute. The following are nine core values established within our Institute:

  1. Our Families Come First
  2. Honor and Serve Others
  3. Make Socially Responsible Decisions
  4. Commitment to continues learning
  5. Conduct Ourselves Ethically and with Integrity
  6. Be Honest and Trustworthy
  7. Commitment to betterment of the society
  8. Pay it forward
  9. Be uncompromising in our Values


The mission of The Executive Leadership Institute is to facilitate executive leadership development through experience-based education, unique shared experiences, and the forging of authentic bonds with members and associates across the different professional disciplines and industries.

We believe exceptional results could be achieved by making three fundamental executive choices:

  1. The commitment to learn
  2. The commitment to serve
  3. The commitment to make a responsible



The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) was established in 2011 by a team of skilled, enthusiastic executives and professionals backed by years of diverse industry experience. During following years, we have developed dozens of conferences, workshops and trainings sessions.

To date, our events have hosted and inspired professionals from various industries across the United States. We continue to aspire to bring together the best executives and leaders from different sectors to provide our members and associates with a platform for their and their affiliate organization’s success.


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